Serious Urban Games®

What is a Serious Urban Game®?

Serious: talk about difficult themes in a challenging learning environment, where the participants tackle a serious subject through training, orientation, and exploration. This makes it possible to talk about difficult things. 21st-century skills are competences that participants need to participate in our society of the future. Each game focuses on a different serious topic.

Urban: The local community is the playing field to explore the social themes. The participants meet local organizations and authorities on their way through their city or municipality. Through intensive cooperation, each game is adapted to the local context and needs so that each game becomes a unique experience.

Game: Game-based learning with mobile communication tools such as smartphones, tablet, GPS, appeals to both young and old. The participants go through a virtual world that merges with reality. The gamers head off on missions that continue to challenge and surprise.

Game-based learning

Game-based learning is the ultimate new way of learning. Games motivate and motivation has a clear, positive effect on learning outcomes. A Serious Urban Game® combines teamwork, technology, skills, and knowledge to achieve a common goal. Participants have to complete tasks and earn points. They are encouraged to do better and better through live feedback. The gamers delve into social themes, broaden their horizons and acquire 21st-century skills. I order to do this, they make contact with local players.


"Connect before you correct!" applies to every target group we work with. Instead of immediately stepping in to correct, we make contact first. Participants can and do fail. Failure is an option and there is always room for experimentation. Connection is central in every phase of the game. The participants make contact with civil society in order to safeguard themselves from mistakes they might make in the real world.


Each game is unique and custom-developed in collaboration with, and for the participants. Our development process happens in three phases. Joining the world of our target group, responding to their needs, and checking whether a game works effectively with the target group is the main reason why we do co-creation.