Applying for a job and finding work


Aantal deelnemers

25 deelnemers

Target audience

16+ jaar


3 uur


VDAB, interimkantoor, vakbond, JAC en ziekenfonds


A Serious Urban Game® that focuses on applying for jobs and finding work. You are playfully guided on your way in search for work. The game offers you a first job interview experience in a safe environment, helps you to make contact with relevant organizations and supports you in your first steps in the labor market.


I learned about #WORK™ yesterday for the first time, a revolutionary Serious Urban Game® that helps young job seekers on their way to the job market in a playful manner. Impressive work!

Sven Gatz, Flemish Minister of Culture, Media, Youth, and Brussels, after playing #WORK™

You can learn a lot about adolescents by working together with them on something, and vice versa. This is also immediately the issue that keeps me occupied. “How can we involve adolescents as much as possible in developing affairs that are intended for them?” #WORK™ is a really good example of this!

VDAB Consultant after participating in the GameLab

If you give adolescents this game, they’ll have much more attention for- and learn more about the job application process.

CLW Student, Trefpunt Dendermonde

What stuck with me most from the LearningLab is the contact with the teachers and students. I think they have many questions about the VDAB and I’m going to work with this information in our own region!

VDAB Consultant after participating in a LearningLab