In this Disclaimer, the following definitions apply:

Telma: TELMA LLC and its legal successors, currently established at 5170 Baxter street 92117 San Diego company in formation.

1. Visitor: Any physical person who uses the Website.

2. Services: All software, applications, tools, games and the like that are offered or operated as a service by TELMA via the Website.

3. Games: All Services for which a license fee is required, as determined by TELMA LLC and indicated on the Website.

4. User: Any person who holds a license to play the Games and / or has registered on the Website, including any person or entity who has taken out a license for another person to play the Games.

5. SUG: The platform for S_U + G SERIOUS URBAN GAME (fig) ® (trademark registration number 0981671), from Lieve Achten for TELMA LLC.

6. Website: The TELMA website, www.sug-platform.be and derivatives, developed and managed by TELMA LLC.

General information

TELMA LLC offers online Services and Games through the platform for S_U + G SERIOUS URBAN GAME (fig) ®, which is hosted on the Website.

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