Every Serious Urban Game® is developed for and by its target audience. When inventing and developing a new game, co-creation and participation are of crucial importance. Through our DRØME methodology [7], both young and old learn to express their views on serious topics. This can be done through scenarios, storyboards, videos, photos, games, blogs or other media.


Our clients can be service providers such as trade unions, health insurance funds, the temporary employment sector, banks, entrepreneurial companies, companies or real estate agencies. We might also start working on a specific theme ourselves. We use a learning system based on experiential learning. Let young people or adults play a game for three hours and they attain every learning objective. All you need to do is give them the chance. Formal education doesn’t address being creative and solution-oriented enough, nor does the professional business world. We at Telma we want to do something about that.




In this lab, we emphasize the content of the game. What do the participants already know about the theme or topic, what do they want to learn?



Here we dissect the game mechanisms and we actively get start to link game elements to the central theme.



We collect the game elements from the GamingLab and place them into our SUG platform. The target audience plays the game and gives feedback.

All the feedback is then processed to result in the final Serious Urban Game®. Then all the participating groups can play the final game.

● Would you like to develop a Serious Urban Game® around a specific theme or topic?

● Would you like to help develop a Serious Urban Game®? Do you want to be involved in the development?

● Would you like to participate in a Serious Urban Game® with your organization, company or institution?

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