Send your students into the city with a Serious Urban Game®. Make your lessons more interactive and difficult themes negotiable. With a game you certainly get the attention of your students. Does your school also attract the game-based learning card?


Follow the Train the Trainer program and be trained as a teacher to GameMaster. The team of Telma provides during these two half training days a tailor-made training, professional coaching and a lot of tips and tricks.

Once you have successfully completed the two mandatory modules, you can start using a Serious Urban Game yourself. You will receive a recognized certificate from GameMaster for this.

The Training Days are divided into two compulsory modules and one optional.



Meet our Serious Urban Games®: - What are the themes? How do they fit in your class context? - Experience a Serious Urban Game yourself - What do you all need to know and do as a Teacher-GameMaster? - How can we meet your needs and wishes? Everything is custom work!

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You have completed module 1 and become acquainted with our Serious Urban Games. In module 2 you are trained to Game Master - The themes of the games to be deepened - Learn to work with the online game platform - explanation of the practical organization of a game session - Get tools that enable them to start a post-project with the students in your class -


You have been trained to GameMaster and are ready to play a game with your students? A coach from a professional team will assist you during these first moments to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Later you can always contact your coach with questions and advice.

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As a Teacher-GameMaster you are already familiar with one of our games, but you would like to extend your experience with yet another game.


Intervision event with all trained GameMasters. In this learning network, experiences are exchanged, new ideas are provided, thorough refresher is done and new updates are communicated.

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