Turn any training, education, team building or sustainable transition into an exciting and interactive experience with a Serious Urban Game®. It is a flexible and scalable way to involve your employees or customers. Do you also increase the ownership of your employees in your company?


Socio-cultural organizations

Does one of our Serious Urban Games themes fit in closely with your assignment description as an organization? Become a GameMaster of a Serious Urban Game and discover the possibilities of game-based learning within your organization: training days

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Use our Serious Urban Games to creatively approach your target group or employees. Our games are multi-purpose within your organization. Do you want to organize a team building? Use our game as a tool to creatively question employees of your company or launch change processes in an alternative way? ... It's all possible through our Serious Urban Game.

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Want a creative activity tailored to your family? Our games are multi-purpose. Send a message and we will be happy to help you make your family trip unforgettable.

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