TELMA LLC develops and implements Serious Urban Games®. Through game-based learning, we encourage participants to learn about societal themes and issues. The games are thought out and developed through co-creation so that each game matches the needs of the target group perfectly. The city game is thus a great way to connect the participant and the social partners in their own city or municipality. That’s why our motto is "Connect before you correct!".


TELMA LLC is all about innovative solutions for Targeted Education by using the concept of S_U+G Serious Urban Game® . We focus on a variety of topics that require a new, playful and interactive approach. Playing a Serious Urban Game® offers a unique combination of hands-on experience, interactions with local stakeholders and teamwork in a familiar environment: your city or neighborhood, your company or even your home.

TELMA LLC is a leader in the development and rollout of educational games, aka. Serious Urban Games. Based in San Diego, California, and operating internationally, we have more than 10 years of experience with implementing game-based strategies to education.

We recombine the skills of a social worker, teacher, or coach with the creativity of a digital game-developer to obtain a unique concept which has been proven to be very effective and long-lasting.

Some key "elements of society" are generally not covered by a typical school or academic curriculum or even a career development plan at work. That's were TELMA LLC can make the difference.

“S_U+G Serious Urban Game is a project and registered trademark of Lieve Achten for TELMA LLC ”

S_U+G® Team


“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”— Walt Disney

Lieve Achten

Founder / CEO


human centred design - co-creation - storytelling

Lieve Achten is a license Social Worker and founder of gameWise, a non-profit organization in Belgium, and founder/ CEO of TELMA LLC. She has created a ‘S_U+G® Digital Platform’ where youth learn to reflect on social issues in a Serious Urban Game®. Communication and Informal Learning and game-based Learning are leading in this concept. With more than 20 years of experience in initiating, testing and implementing participation methods, she is a real active figure. Lieve really has a nose for neoteric youth culture. She doesn’t avoid difficult issues and lights up a dialogue.

As a Promoter, I go for action and take risks, want broad lines, excitement and result-oriented relationships.